Colton's New Engine Has Arrived!
By Firefighter Jeffery Angleberger
June 13, 2020

On Friday June 12th, the Colton Fire District and Colton Fire Department received its new E-81 from Rosenbaurer. It is a beautiful piece of equipment that will replace our existing E-81 and our rescue truck R-16. Once in service, it allows the department to bring all of its firefighting and rescue capabilities to the scene in one vehicle.

You will see the truck traveling the highways and back roads as we qualify our drivers on its operation. You will also see us pumping water from various locations to again familiarize our personnel with the units operation. We still have equipment to install and stow, radios to install, air packs to place into the various storage areas. Within a month, the unit should be available to respond to calls.

We thank the taxpayers for this valuable piece of equipment that should serve us for the next 20 years.